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Best Medical Facilities

Hagnos Marketing & Consulting Pvt. Ltd offers best medical empanelment in India.The Insurance sector has assumed immense significance and its role in healthcare, with the growing awareness amongst the masses. Hospitals across verticals quite often are themselves inadequate to meet the challenges thrown before them by TPA’s and by the complex practices and high handedness or withholding payments for more than the agreed period of credit or delay in empanelment/deductions at will etc.

This provider network consists of:

  • Third-Party Administrators(TPAs)
  • Insurance Companies
  • Government agencies like AYUSHMAN, ECHS, CGHS, ESI, Rohini Registration
  • Corporate tie-ups for health checkups
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The company started operations in 2015 staffing a motley crew of telecalling folks for one of our customers. Since then we have staffed people for various skills and functions in various languages across the country. This is what we do and we do it well. We work very closely with our customers to understand, learn and adapt.

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