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Why Hagnos Marketing & Consulting Pvt. Ltd?

1.  We at Hagnos Marketing & Consulting Pvt. Ltd  focus on the existing need of the set of the healthcare workers along with the toll.

 2. Secondly, the focus relies on the location in which the healthcare workers are required as that plays a vital role in getting the staff oriented toward the particular institution.

 3. Thirdly the focus builds upon differentiating the clinical and non-clinical staff which will change the game of requirement. The non-clinical staff is available quite in a decent count but is not much to rely upon. This makes it a stiff trail.

4. Fourthly we work on strategy building for the hospital which is itemized differently for each hospital.

5. We look to get the strategy executed in an extremely planned and efficient manner. In this step, the type of recruitment is also finalized, be it planned, unplanned, or anticipated.

6. Further, importance is given to cultivating the employment market using attractive literature and publicity wherein scientific entrance criteria could also be planned in some specified placements.

7. We have a specialized focus on the credentialing of the candidate which is observing the back data along with limitations (if any) with the license. Privileges are also being checked and gone through.

8. Lastly, we grind upon the recommendations in the specific region as that would help a lot and also will reduce the hectic complete procedure to some extent. 

healthcare support staffing

The company started operations in 2015 staffing a motley crew of telecalling folks for one of our customers. Since then we have staffed people for various skills and functions in various languages across the country. This is what we do and we do it well. We work very closely with our customers to understand, learn and adapt.

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